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Powerfully natural skincare from extreme and extraordinary plants

We make 100% natural, molecular skincare using potent, uniquely-powerful repair and defense mechanisms of Extremophile plants. Targeting key cells in your skin while improving structure on the surface to make your skin extremely resilient to external stressors, and increasing its ability to maintain itself.

Layering short term cosmetic gains with long term improvement : Great skin now, even better skin in 5 years.

Complex multi-functional formulations for a cleverly simple, sophisticated routine for all skin types. An intelligent, adaptable and flora-friendly solution for healthy, radiant, stress-free skin.

"Love this serum. Gives my skin a wonderful plumped up and rich feeling. And it smells amazing too."

Oona N

"Deeply rejuvenating, gorgeous smelling, a little goes such a long way. My skin feels more illuminated, soft and supple. I use this morning and night, a single pump only required. Completely in love with this product."

Sarah Louise Cooper

"loving those products I keep repeat ordering!!! amazing quality. love"

Christian Schallert

"I love the SOMM products so much. I’d like to rub my whole body in the serum!"

Emily C

"my skin soothes it in like shining stars!"

Sandra Kendl

Designed for attitude not age

Our products are designed for active people who love to play outside. Unfortunately sun, infrared, screens and pollution all play havoc with our skin. We focus on preparing your skin for the elements and creating a strong, supple, resilient skin barrier so you can enjoy an active life with confidence.

Building deep resilience to stressors for healthier, more beautiful skin

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Made from the Mountains, the Desert, the Jungle and the Sea. Ethically sourced, 100% natural.

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100% natural driven by science

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