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naturally powerful

Our aim was to make the most sophisticated and effective 100% natural skincare available. Scientifically and clinically proven, more functionality in fewer products, with a strong focus on healthy, resilient skin and protection from environmental stressors.

We believe Natural skincare can be the most effective skincare and we want to prove it. There does not need to be a compromise between 100% Natural and skincare that really works... it just takes a lot of determination and clever science.

And we believe Nature dances happily with science, in fact what Nature does is science, and for millions of years she has been adapting to our ever changing (and challenging) environment. Nowadays we are exposed to more stress, both internal and external, and we give you powerful tools to counter this and the peace of mind to get out and enjoy life.

Our deep connection to nature is reinforced by understanding its complexity and innate intelligence. We believe Nature has the best solutions and that we can utilise those solutions more effectively through science.


Less - Simpler - Better.
A natural symbiotic system for healthier, more resilient skin.

One of our fundamental goals was to build more functionality into fewer products. A difficult task given that there really isn’t a single best, magic ingredient and our skin needs an plethora of them - and those needs can change seasonally, with the weather, stress, lifestyle changes, diet, etc.

We solve this problem with complex formulations containing many paths to each specific skincare need. This multi-strategy approach means your skin will not adjust to one solution nor get “lazy”. Instead we cleverly aid your skin to naturally balance, restore and rejuvenate itself. By feeding the cellular energy and defence systems we give your skin more ability to restore and balance itself. Making your skin more “intelligent” and more resilient in multiple ways.

By combining many functions into one product, alongside hyper-concentrated formulation - we enable you to use less, and to rest assured that, whatever your skin type, you can derive maximum benefit without overloading the skin barrier. In many cases we use C02 extracts to maximise strength and ensure that much more of the beneficial attributes of the plant are utilised.

Healthy, energised skin with minimal routine - giving you the freedom to go out and enjoy life effortlessly.

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extreme and extraordinary

Plants hold immense potential in their structure, great power to heal, and the ability to thrive in conditions we would describe as hostile. There is a powerful beauty in a lone tree rooted in a desert, proudly alive where no other life seems possible.

Our snow algae extract even spent 1.5 years in space in an experiment to see just how resistant it really was. It came back to earth, "woke up" and continued to thrive. Our Arctic Oat and Arctic Blackcurrant extracts grow far inside the Finnish Arctic circle, and our Argan extract comes from trees that live where no others can - at the edge of the desert where they often don't see rain for years.

Trees and plants like this hold a natural intelligence that we can utilise in many ways. At SOMM we extract this intelligence and use it to build adaptability and strength deep into your skin. This forms a resilience to all sorts of difficult environmental stressors. The result? Energised, strong, smooth and beautiful skin.

the microbiome

Keeping your personal skin world happy

The skin microbiome is the wonderful world of skin flora - essential, useful and occasionally unwanted microbes that live on your skin. Ideally this is a joyous community which plays an enormous role in your skin health. Balancing and nourishing the microbiome creates what we call “fitter” skin that can repair itself.

When your microbiome is unhealthy and unbalanced it’s like sucking all the nutrients from a lush, bountiful garden and watching it wither. The skin gets stressed and cortisol production increases, seriously slowing production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. This, in turn, makes the skin drier, thinner and weaker... with more wrinkles.

The acid mantle, the natural protective layer that covers your skin can be damaged by too much scrubbing and effectively neutralised by cleansers that are too alkaline. This causes barrier problems - the road to breakouts, inflammation and allergies.

A big part of our design philosophy was to make products that are beneficial to the skin microbiome and protect the acid mantle. Ingredients like fermented green-tea seed extract help target unwanted micro-organisms and their waste products, while others like Jojoba and Eastern Red Cedar balance, maintain and nourish the skin flora.

Care for your natural flora and your skin will sing!

100% natural

and 100% science

Sophisticated natural intelligence for better skin and a better planet.

All our ingredients are 100% natural-origin, which means they are either extracted from plants... or made by bees. We love bees, some of Nature's greatest scientists.

All ingredients have been extensively researched, and clinically proven. we tested endless synergistic combinations and we always use the most potent version of any ingredient available.

A few of the especially powerful ingredients we use are grown in specially built facilities to ensure purity and potency, and to preserve their natural habitat.

We spent years developing formulas, almost an entire year alone to perfect the natural preservative system we use in PRIMAL...and the results speak for themselves.

Our deep connection to nature is reinforced by understanding its complexity and innate intelligence. We believe Nature has the best solutions and that we can utilise those solutions more effectively through science.

loving our planet


Our formulas are 100% natural, all ingredients sustainably produced and sourced. We care, and choose ethical supply chain solutions to obtain ingredients. For example our marine micro-algae is grown in a purpose built solar-powered eco-facility in order to ensure its sustainability, and that it remains 100% pure and free of pollution. We champion plant based science to raise awareness of the immense (and largely untapped) potential in, and the importance of, our ecosystem.

We use glass containers and no plastic in any of our our packaging materials.

And you'll see the Green Dot symbol on all our packaging which tells you we contribute to a packaging recovery organisation - helping recyling and recovery of non organics in our waste system.

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