extreme and extraordinary

Plants hold immense potential in their structure, great power to heal, and the ability to thrive in conditions we would describe as hostile. There is a powerful beauty in a lone tree rooted in a desert, proudly alive where no other life seems possible.

Our snow algae extract even spent 1.5 years in space in an experiment to see just how resistant it really was. It came back to earth, "woke up" and continued to thrive. Our Arctic Oat and Arctic Blackcurrant extracts grow far inside the Finnish Arctic circle, and our Argan extract comes from trees that live where no others can - at the edge of the desert where they often don't see rain for years.

Trees and plants like this hold a natural intelligence that we can utilise in many ways. At SOMM we extract this intelligence and use it to build adaptability and strength deep into your skin. This forms a resilience to all sorts of difficult environmental stressors. The result? Energised, strong, smooth and beautiful skin.

the microbiome

Keeping your personal skin world happy

The skin microbiome is the wonderful world of skin flora - essential, useful and occasionally unwanted microbes that live on your skin. Ideally this is a joyous community which plays an enormous role in your skin health. Balancing and nourishing the microbiome creates what we call “fitter” skin that can repair itself.

When your microbiome is unhealthy and unbalanced it’s like sucking all the nutrients from a lush, bountiful garden and watching it wither. The skin gets stressed and cortisol production increases, seriously slowing production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. This, in turn, makes the skin drier, thinner and weaker... with more wrinkles.

The acid mantle, the natural protective layer that covers your skin can be damaged by too much scrubbing and effectively neutralised by cleansers that are too alkaline. This causes barrier problems - the road to breakouts, inflammation and allergies.

A big part of our design philosophy was to make products that are beneficial to the skin microbiome and protect the acid mantle. Ingredients like fermented green-tea seed extract help target unwanted micro-organisms and their waste products, while others like Jojoba and Eastern Red Cedar balance, maintain and nourish the skin flora.

Care for your natural flora and your skin will sing!