100% natural

and 100% science

Sophisticated natural intelligence for better skin and a better planet.

All our ingredients are 100% natural-origin, which means they are either extracted from plants... or made by bees. We love bees, some of Nature's greatest scientists.

All ingredients have been extensively researched, and clinically proven. we tested endless synergistic combinations and we always use the most potent version of any ingredient available.

A few of the especially powerful ingredients we use are grown in specially built facilities to ensure purity and potency, and to preserve their natural habitat.

We spent years developing formulas, almost an entire year alone to perfect the natural preservative system we use in PRIMAL...and the results speak for themselves.

Our deep connection to nature is reinforced by understanding its complexity and innate intelligence. We believe Nature has the best solutions and that we can utilise those solutions more effectively through science.

loving our planet


Our formulas are 100% natural, all ingredients sustainably produced and sourced. We care, and choose ethical supply chain solutions to obtain ingredients. For example our marine micro-algae is grown in a purpose built solar-powered eco-facility in order to ensure its sustainability, and that it remains 100% pure and free of pollution. We champion plant based science to raise awareness of the immense (and largely untapped) potential in, and the importance of, our ecosystem.

We use glass containers and no plastic in any of our our packaging materials.

And you'll see the Green Dot symbol on all our packaging which tells you we contribute to a packaging recovery organisation - helping recyling and recovery of non organics in our waste system.

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